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Case Study – First National Real Estate
Case Study – Melrose Health Case Study – ThreatMETRIX Inc.
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"SearchForecast's keyword analysis platform to find new keywords and their out of the box thinking provided new content ideas we never knew customers were interested in."

Ann Ruckstuhl, VP Marketing, LiveOps Inc.

LiveOps Inc

"Zscaler redesigned thier website, added new content and optimized globally with SearchForecast. They are experts in understanding it across the web and mobile."

David Downing, CMO, Zscaler



Download the Google+ Authorship Instructions Presentation now

Google+ Authorship

Google Authorship is extremely important for business websites to understand. Google enable content contributors to verify their identity via their Google Account and place code snippets on websites. In return, Google display photographs of content authors in search results pages. Download the Google Authorship Instructions and learn how to set up and validate Google Authorship for yourself and the organization team members. SearchForecast helps business implement a Google Authorship plan and execute on higher rankings. Download the Google+ Authorship Instructions Presentation now.
Download the Google+ Authorship Instructions Presentation now

Download Mobile Site Optimization Using Mobile Centric CSS Guide

Google TV

Need to optimize your website for mobile but don't have the time? SearchForecast's mobile site optimization guide provides recommendedations for best practice using mobile centric CSS (style sheets) and actual code to implement.

Download your guide to recommendations for websites optimization for mobile devices using mobile centric CSS.

Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

SearchForecast's website optimization services focuses on optmizing page speed. Download and read practical tips how to increase search engine indexation and crawling by increasing page speed of website pages loading on users computers and mobile devices.

Download your guide to understanding page speed optimization.

Update: How to Implement Twitter Meta Tags


Implementing Twitter Meta Tags is important for all websites. Twitter meta tags are simple to implement and require them to be placed on webpages and then validated. SearchForecast can guide businesses in how to maximize search engine rankings by leveraging Twitter Meta Tags.

Content Optimization

SearchForecast's keyword tool generates new keywords after crawling competitors websites. Thes keywords can be assinged to Idea Pages that users can edit within their dashboard. Content contributors can measure keyword density for each page.

Download your guide to Copywriting for Search Engines.

Social SEO - Facebook Shopping Optimization

Facebook Shopping Optimization

Optimizing your visibility on Facebook requires a vastly different approach to search engines. Facebook is a "walled garden" and requires content to be optimized in a way that maximizes the Facebook 'EdgeRank' algorithm. SearchForecast team built Skumatic to enable product catalogs for merchants on Facebook. View a demo now at

Skumatic delivers a 1 click install functionality for product catalogs on Facebook. Product catalog information can be installed into Facebook pages as a self contained application, allowing customers to browse products and ask friends advice before buying.

Google Maps - More Powerful Updates

Google Maps is a powerful feature for websites and a trusted optimization component. Utilizing Google Maps is very important for geo based websites in retail, travel and consumer services. SearchForecast has managed many clients premium level integrations of Maps and created forward thinking optimization content based around Google Maps. Download this presentation on how to benefit from Google Maps released recently by Google.

Instructions on Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

SearchForecast sets up and manages Webmaster Tools for hundreds of clients globally.
Download this presentation on Google Webmaster Tools   to learn the simple steps to accessing further insights, website diagnostics and how to measure your website indexation on Google.

Instructions on How to Install Facebook Apps

Over 250 ecommerce merchants optimize their Facebook page with the SKUmatic app. Adding apps can be confusing (yes, we install lots of apps for VP Marketing/CMO clients!). Download this presentation for a step by step guide to installing apps on your Facebook page.


Case Study: First National

SearchForecast advised First National Real Estate, with over 330 real estate members nationwide, on how the Google algorithm update (dubbed "Hummingbird") which led to the implementation of a Questions & Answers content section on a newly launched website. Learn more

Case Study: GreatValueVacations

SearchForecast optimized over 100 vacation packages across 15 countries. New keywords related to relevant search queries were discovered images optimized and Pinterest boards added to increased page indexation across search engines globally.

Word Analytics
Measure word appearances, frequency and ranking of words on websites. Discover your websites keyword universe. Make tactical decisions based on simple keyword analysis.
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Video Optimization Clients
  • SearchForecast's video optimization clients include, and the BBC iPlayer which has tens of millions of viewers each month.

    "With SearchForecast's guidance and industry expertise, we implemented the names of television shows and radio programmes by keywords in meta tags and URLs for the BBC iPlayer site and have seen higher rankings in search engines."

    - Anthony Rose, Head of Technology,
      BBC Media & Technology

  • SearchForecast's outsource services helped us build a website quickly using their search engine friendly content management system. We receive dozens of highly targeted lead offers on each month as we rank highly in Google and Yahoo!

    - Tom Grubb, VP Marketing,
      ThreatMETRIX Inc.

  • SearchForecast provided their diagnostic tools and technical services in optimizing our website for search engines. Not only did organic traffic increase, is now highly listed in search engines like Google and Yahoo! on expensive Pay Per Click keywords and a return on investment was achieved inside 6 months.

    - Wynn White, VP Marketing
      KACE Inc.

Video Optimization Clients
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