The following success stories have been selected to provide an overview of how our solutions help clients in various industries.

Bills Inc case study

SearchForecast created and implemented hundreds of geo-location pages for resulting in high Google Rankings for high traffic searches. SearchForecast's automated publishing software ensured content could be localized to each city in the USA, making sure each page was unique in content and links saving us time and money in our search engine optimization program.!

Ethan Ewing, President,

Booktopia case study

"Thanks for all the great work in 2012 and the success of the SEO work that SearchForecast has been involved with in the past 12 months. I am very pleased with the results so far."

Tony Nash, Chief Executive Officer, Booktopia Pty Ltd

Boardroomradio case study

"Publishing tools for required specific content extraction technology that can also perform automated search and query functions. SearchForecast's technology underpins an important component of our website content provision and reporting by automating this function on a daily basis."

Bill Gair, CEO,

BrandsDirect case study

"SearchForecast built and maintained - which over the past 5 years has provided tens of thousands of visitors each month and leads to the 2,000+ dealers in our network. We rely 100% on organic or natural optimization for the website and we have local dealers well ranked in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!"

Frank Sandtner, Marketing Director,

eChoice Home Loans case study

"eChoice completely redesigned our website using search engine optimization intelligence and this significantly increased not only our visitors per month but our qualified leads. SearchForecast intelligence was critical in increasing our Google rankings and provided a platform to truly understand search engine optimization."

Paul Long, General Manager Marketing, eChoice Home Loans

Golden Casket case study

"SearchForecast created and implemented SEO pages for Golden Casket using their SearchPublish content management solution for search engines - subsequently resulting in Number 1 Google Rankings for high traffic searches and increasing the Google Ranking of our landing pages. The contribution of SearchForecast to Golden Casket has been invaluable."

Brendan Hodgkinson, Internet Manager, Golden Casket Lottery Corporation

HiFX Inc case study

"Searchforecast's experience and expertise in this area is truly impressive. Having invested a considerable amount of time and energy into creating the new site, its great to see it paying off."

Paul Janssen, Marketing Manager, HiFX Ltd.

Jetabroad case study

"SearchForecast's experience in the travel sector dramatically shaped our thinking on architecting our website for search engine indexation. Their diagnostic methodology educated our business and technical teams together with actionable technical recommendations which led to a significant keyword optimisation process across the website.

Ben Chong, Director,

KACE Inc. case study

"SearchForecast provided their diagnostic tools and technical services in optimizing our website for search engines. Not only did organic traffic increase, is now highly listed in search engines like Google and Yahoo! on expensive Pay Per Click keywords and a return on investment was achieved inside 6 months."

Wynn White, VP Marketing, KACE Inc.

Osteopath Network case study

"We asked Searchforecast to help us improve the stickiness of our site. After helping us re-design our website architecture and local osteopath directory with more than 500 osteopaths the results of the Searchforecast project were instantaneous; patients now spend much longer on our site than before and are 35% more likely to choose our clinics for their treatment."

David Ravech, Managing Director, The Osteopath Network.

Panasonic case study

"SearchForecast increased web traffic by 45% which ensure our call center achieved a strong ROI, in fact the best we had running. SearchForecast's experience in dealing with global companies was of great help."

Ray Mercedes, Director Emerging Markets, Panasonic

Sonim XP1 Toughest Phone case study

"SearchForecast optimized the website - increasing traffic by over 100% and a return on investment in 3 months. Over 35% of our visitors now come from organic search engine results as a result of SearchForecast's SEO strategy and execution - resulting in highly ranked content in German, Sweden, USA and dozens of other countries."

Bob Plaschke, President and CEO of Sonim Technologies Inc. case study

"Searchforecast's global expertise in online dating ensured the keyword selection and content architecture covered countries, cultures and customer segments that we had not previously considered. This improved our website navigation, user experience as well as expanding keywords is indexed in search engines globally.

Simon Tisminezky, CEO,

SportingBet case study

"Sportingbet commissioned SearchForecast to build out a new website - to target direct "type- in" traffic - which accounts for 10 to 15% of Internet traffic. With thousands of visitors finding the website via natural listings in search engines such as Google, this is providing cost effective traffic to the Sportingbet website from qualified prospective customers looking to place a sports bet.

Ken McKenzie, VP - Marketing, SportingBet.

WePrintIt case study

"This has been a terrific learning experience for us and has left us in a much better state going forward with all of our websites. The SearchForecast team has been fantastic and we've managed to complete Phase 1 in very short time, compared to past projects! We can't thank you enough and look forward to working with you again. Thanks again to you and your team."

Jin Lim Marketing Director,

WAND Inc case study

"SearchForecast understand online directories and were able to speak to us from experience - providing insights into how they have optimized their AdSense Publishers Directory and increase our traffic with easy to implement recommendations."

Mark Leher, VP Marketing, WAND Inc.

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