From keywords to Ideas for online content optimization

SearchForecast's Content & Ideas Workflow Platform empowers hundreds of organizations globally to create and manage content ideas.

The Content & Ideas Workflow Platform provides the following three functionalities:

  1. Automated crawling of competitor websites and collection of keywords.
  2. 1 Click Keyword Generation of new keywords.
  3. Templates for managing ideas and creating content pages.

Content publishers can auto-crawl website content, saving your organizations time when analyzing keywords across competitor websites. Content writers looking for ideas can discover highly searched keywords. SearchForecast constantly tracks words added and deleted on competitor websites, ensuring new content ideas for improved optimization of web presences.

Turning keywords into ideas is easy with the the Content & Ideas Workflow Platform. Each word can be assigned to new pages managed within a Content & Ideas Editor.

SearchForecast is an online repository for your ideas generated from new keywords and and expanded into web pages. This workflow platform assists marketers and external agencies create new content ideas - which is critical for high search engine listings and for customers to find websites. From within the SearchForecast console, users can assigne keywords to ideas and workflow ideas into content before being published to the web.

SearchForecast measures the keyword density of each web page across websites - helping online content marketers optimize content with the correct ratio of keywords in page copy. Allowing copywriters to gauge keyword density when writing website copy is critical in achieving prominent rankings in search engines.

SearchForecast's word analytics reporting measures total words on competitor websites and ranks the frequencies of specific words on competitor websites, providing greater insight for online marketers into keyword density across websites.

Ideas are not found, they are mined from advanced quantitative analytics filtering, created through words, inspired by sharing and captured through collaboration.