"SearchForecast built and maintained BrandsDirect.com - which over the past 5 years has provided tens of thousands of visitors each month and leads to the 2,000+ dealers in our network. We rely 100% on organic or natural optimization for the website and we have local dealers well ranked in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!"

Frank Sandtner, Marketing Director


Business Challenge

BrandsDirect.com was created as a consumer facing directory of over 2,000 appliance and electronics dealers in the USA which stock over 8,000 products from the world's leading manufacturers including Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, General Electric, Maytag and many more. With dealers stocking different products from various manufacturers, a publishing system was required to not only create a local webpage for each dealer but a product catalog that displayed brands which only specific dealers stocked.

SearchForecast Solution

SearchForecast technology was selected for the ability to create a retail relational database and content management system that allocated dealers to manufacturer products which were stocked. Thousands of keywords were embedded into the information architecture of the website design so dealers in local areas received high rankings in search engines for product name, brand name, model number and city and state geo-location searches. Over 8,000 products are fed into the SearchForecast publishing platform and updated regularly.

Key Benefits for BrandsDirect

  1. BrandsDirect.com provided a cost effective web presence for thousands of dealers nationwide.
  2. BrandsDirect.com deliver thousands of qualified leads each month to their dealer network
  3. Over 150,000 keywords indexed in Google and 100% organic rankings.
  4. Hundreds of top ten listings of Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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