Measuring word appearances, frequency and rank of words on websites

SearchForecast's keyword density and content optimization solution provides new metrics into word analytics. Marketers can now understand word analytics that provide content writers with qualitative analysis of website copy. Understanding the number of words, how often each word appears on the website and how often are very important indicators to determine how to improve search engine optimization.

Word Analytics track words added & deleted on competitor websites. Tracking new keywords competitors add to website content provides important intelligence and guides content ideas for increased content optimization.

Most website publishers have access to Google Analytics or more advanced analytics providers such as Omniture or Coremetrics. These quantitative analytics providers focus on numbers and ratio?s of visitors, by page, by time, by location, by clickstream - yet website managers have limited visibility into the word and content analytics of their website.

Ideas are not found, they are mined from advanced quantitative analytics filtering, created through words, inspired by sharing and captured through collaboration.