For 25 years, the team at SearchForecast has been interpreting websites analytics for clients. We are constantly monitoring Google Analytics to find quantitative insights to improve website designs to increase visitor engagement, lower bounce rate, increase page views, time spent viewing and conversions. Here are some recommendations we often make to clients:

Expanding Top Navigation: more navigation links helps with SEO indexation. Do your competitor have lots of sub-navigation links to help users find what they want? SearchForecast helps clients re-architect websites and expand navigation. Too often we see 50-60% bounce rate on the site and hear clients accept this as normal.

The attached image shows a client's last 3 months Google Analytics data. Notice how bounce rate is 47% from direct traffic. We typically see this at 20% and a site refresh should be given very high priority and this is a key metric to watch post implementation.

Search Box: a larger search box helps users conduct more onsite searches. These search queries become available inside Google Analytics and SearchForecast can use them for more optimization of content and navigation. SearchForecast suggest clients enable Site Search Tracking inside Google Analytics.

Carousel: this allows site visitors to ‘swipe right’ and we now know from apps like Tinder, Instagram that users love to click a button and watch images.

Footer Links: designed to reduce below the roll bounce rate yet also provide keyword density links.

Website design using analytics insights is essential for best practice. Each design is centered around best practice user experience design practices. SearchForecast has designed hundreds of clients websites using this proven quantitative methodology and have vast experience and insights from clients in various industries across the globe.

Ideas are not found, they are mined from advanced quantitative analytics filtering, created through words, inspired by sharing and captured through collaboration.