"This is a fantastic job on part of the entire SearchForecast team. We are absolutely impressed by the improvement in our organic search engine results."

Azita Martin, Vice President Marketing, TuVox Inc.

Business Challenge

TuVox is a leading provider of On Demand speech applications, empowering companies to deliver superior caller experience through the voice channel. TuVox management required higher rankings of their website on competitive keyword terms which ranged from $2 to $10 per click on Google.com whilst not adding to the content or altering the look and feel of the website.

SearchForecast Solution

SearchForecast’s search engine friendly content management solution was deployed and the entire TuVox website was optimized using a highly targeted list of ten (10) keywords. The keyword crawler was deployed to ensure that each page on the TuVox website was analysed in accordance with search engine best practive and compliance to their webmaster guidelines.

Key Benefits for TuVox

  1. Increased number of webpages being indexed by Yahoo! and Google.
  2. Multipe Page 1 listings on Google and Yahoo! - above websites that TuVox competitors advertise on.
  3. Increased understanding of how search engine otpimization works.

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