"I've been doing some searches for events accommodation (e.g. gold coast indy) and I can see us listing quite well in the organic results, we're frequently 2nd place. I was pretty sure SEO was a good idea and having a tangible return already has confirmed it. Better yet, it allows me to demonstrate the value to others. Just wanted to say that's fantastic! Love your work."

Peter Watts, Business Manager, quickbeds.com, Flight Centre Limited

Business Challenge

Flight Centre, a leading online travel agency with over $200 million in online sales per annum, needed to expand the number of web pages for their online accommodation booking website, www.quickbeds.com.

SearchForecast Solution

SearchForecast's search engine optimization and publishing solution was selected for the ability to create hundreds of pages of content. The content of these optimized pages resulted from analyzing newly added and deleted competitor keywords. By complementing this search engine intelligence with SearchForecast's content expansion technology, an information architecture of the web pages were produced.

Key Benefits for Flight Centre

  1. Flight Centre Limited has recorded a surge in online business over the past six months as detailed in the Flight Centre press release.
  2. SearchForecast Information andw Architecture and Code Efficiency search engine optimization analysis led to a redesign of the website and an expanded orphaned website architecture (so-called as not all the webpages can be navigated via the website).
  3. Hundreds of top ten listings of Google, Yahoo! and MSN with over 200 pages.
  4. Increased opportunities for traffic to visit the website resulting from non accommodation, hotel and travel keyword searches.

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