“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the SearchForecast team for their great work on improving our keyword optimization and organic search results. It has increased our visitor numbers and sales so has been more than worth the expenditure. One year after launching our website we noticed that our visitor numbers and organic search result placings were static. Having then carried out some research in this area we decided to hire experts in this field. Which is when we found Searchforecast."

Kevin Fogarty, Director, ScottishGolfExperience.com

Business Challenge

Scottish Golf Experience is an inbound St Andrews golf tour operator based in Scotland providing specialised golf packages to numerous destinations including St Andrews and The Highlands. During 2017, SearchForecast were approached to help improve their organic search results targeting the USA, Australia, Asia and South Africa.

SearchForecast Solution

A full review of the Scottish Golf Experience website was carried out by our team alongside insights from Google Webmaster Tools uncovering various areas of weakness in relation to on page and off page keyword placement to which we then applied several enhanced on-page techniques thus improving the organic keywords the site was listed for and the position they appeared. Reviews and Google Tag Manager to mark up schema html onto pages.

Key Benefits for Scottish Golf Experience

Scottish Golf Experience went from being indexed in Google.com on 40 keyword search terms to over 150 relevant keyword phrases inside of 3 months including several key search terms which has incrased bookings by 20 per cent. SearchForecast advice decreased page load speeds to further enhance user experience resulting in visitors staying for longer periods across the website.

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