SearchForecast provides an Online Reputation Management Service designed to develop an on-going strategy to present and create a positive online reputation or help individuals to restore a damaged online reputation.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our professional SEO team has successfully completed hundreds of SEO engagements for our clients. SearchForecast™ SEO services are modular allowing our customers to tailor the services to their organization.

The SearchForecast team provides the following SEO services:

  • Overall Search Engine Strategy Development
  • Client Strategy Collaboration
  • Site Assessment & Competitive Analysis
  • Development of Keywords
  • Recommendations & Detailed Reports
  • Project Management
  • Link Building Strategies
  • SEO Implementation on Existing Websites
  • New Website Development
  • Foreign Language SEO and Content Development

Over the years we've developed a group of very happy customers, some of which are featured in our case studies here.

Local SEO

SearchForecast has designed, architected and published thousands of highly optimized web pages to target local customers in suburbs, towns, cities and Regions. It is vital to optimize and have the correct local content on web pages as Google uses the IP address of the visitor when deciding which results to return.

Facebook Product Catalog Management

Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm relies on frequency and relevance of information updates from your social network. Facebook focuses on how often your friends click on "edges" of information posted and frequency of sharing. These are indicators of how popular the content is.

SearchForecast has built Skumatic, which delivers a 1-click install functionality for product catalogs on Facebook. Product catalog information can be installed into Facebook pages as a self contained application, allowing customers to browse products and ask friends advice before buying.

Download our free editorial on how to leverage Skumatic's product catalog Facebook app.

Video Optimization

Video Optimization involves similar Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes yet requires an understanding of video in order to maximize search engine rankings.

SearchForecast's Video Optimization Score provides video publishers with a self-service diagnostic tool to identify the correct elements required on a website to ensure video's receive higher indexation.


SearchForecast provided an extensive 12 month search engine optimization for the BBC iPlayer. The insights provided to over 40 team members inside the BBC Digital Media division was very insightful, providing tactical action points for developers and designers to implement across television, radio and print sections of the site

Anthony Rose, Head of Technology, BBC Future Media & Technology

Since 2003, we've expanded our very happy customer base around the world, some of which are featured in our case studies here.

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