SearchForecast has many years of designing fast websites that results from our focus on user experience. New designs for client websites always takes into account click stream paths, user traffic behavior, user's emotion. We are data driven by design.

Visual & Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers work with contemporary colors, images, typography and symbols to convey our client's message to their audience. Fundamentals of Gestalt psychology and Visual Perception give cognitive perspective on how to create effective visual communication.

Information Architecture

Deeply rooted in keyword analysis and analyzing traffic, our approach to information architecture ensures the structure of URLs, taxonomy of information into logical product, service, user functions and geogrpahies is a primary focus. Triage of users to find the section of information is critical in our Information Architecture design process. SearchForecast has architected several websites with over 10M users per day.

Information Content

Search Engines and users demand information in text, images, video, applications, PDF files and more. Our focus on search engine copywriting and published search engine copywriting tutorials.


SearchForecast users icons across content pages on websites to attract users eyes to functional componentry. With the high usage of mobile apps, it is very important to create icons to direct usability within pages.


Navigation is central to how SearchForecast designs and builds software applications and websites. Often referred to as "findability", navigation does not start and end at drop down menu's but combines keyword link density across the site to enhance user experience. We use in-line navigtaion, footer sectoins, include files, AJAX drop down menu formats, the breadcrumb technique and hypertext linkages around images and video.

Interaction Design

SearchForecast approach to interaction deisgn is to firstly segment users. User segmentation is critical as it drives the functional componentry and information requirements. Understanding each segment user experiences allows our design and information architects to conceptualize a design that meets user expectations. During this design phases, we focus on:

  • Competitor Website Layout
  • Including Customer Value Propositions into design
  • Mobility compatibility
  • High impact imagery
  • Site Maps and Content Inventory
  • Wireframes (screen blueprints or storyboards)
  • Simple 1 line positioning to customers
  • Keyword Density on pages
  • Optimized for Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
  • Initial Design

Usability Testing

SearchForecast provides 2 levels of usability design. Conceptual usability in mock up design phase is undertaken using online usability testing sites and Pre-Release usability testing is undertaken with specific tasks set by clients (i.e. shopping cart process, downloading a whitepaper, finding a specific information). As Google requires webmasters to provide low exit ratio's on key pages, it is important that click stream paths undergo rigid usability testing prior to launching the website or application.

Ideas are not found, they are mined from advanced quantitative analytics filtering, created through words, inspired by sharing and captured through collaboration.